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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fat Loss Made Easy

Just make these minor mealtime changes and beat the bulge

Swap bagels for eggs Starting the day with eggs will mean you eat less over the course of the day, because it prevents your body from releasing the nasty hunger hormoneghrel in.

This in turn can help you to lose weight, so long as you don't scoff ten eggs in one sitting. A study in the journal Nutrition Research found that subjects who had eggs for breakfast reported greater feelings of fullness and fewer cravings than those who ate bagels instead.

Swap crisps for popcorn If you think popcorn is cinema junk food, think again. It's a great source of hunger-suppressing fibre and it contains less salt and saturated fat than crisps.

In fact, one serving provides more than 70% of the daily intake of wholegrain, research from the University of Scranton in the US found, and popcorn also proved to be a superb source of antioxidants. Just remember not to smother them in sugar, butter or toffee.

Swap jacket potatoes for sweet potatoes Low glycaemic-load foods such as sweet potatoes won't 
raise your blood sugar levels as quickly as normal spuds, so you won't suffer an energy crash after lunch and feel the need to snack.
They also increase your levels of the protein hormone adiponectin, which resists insulin reducing the amount your body stores as fat, according to research published in the Journal Of Nutrition.

Swap creamy for spicy Avoid meals with fatty, dairy-based sauces in favour of spicy dishes that fire up your metabolism.Capsaicin, the chemical compound responsible for the fiery heat of chillies, increases the production of proteins that stimulate fat breakdown and encourage further weight loss by inducing thermogenesis, a study published in the Journal Of Biological Chemistry found. This process boosts your body temperature and calorie-burning ability.

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